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Century Avionics

Based at Lanseria International Airport (FALA), Century Avionics offer a wide range of avionic solutions for most general aviation platforms including fixed-wing and rotor-wing glass cockpit upgrades. They excel in Avionics Sales/Marketing, Installations, Repairs/Maintenance, Support and Certification to the highest standards. Private aircraft owners flying for business comprises the core of Century Avionics’ customer base. The company has a large footprint servicing corporate customers such as AMOs, charter operators, aircraft manufacturers and a number of government and/or military projects also eagerly eyeing various opportunities, including the growing leisure and sport aviation category.

Team Xtreme Airshows teamed up with Century Avionics, Garmin Aviation and Bose Aviation in 2017 to upgrade the MX2 and XA41 aircraft to the modern, light-weight Garmin G3X Touch (glass) panels. Bose Aviation geneorously sponsored four Bose A20 BT noise cancelling headsets.

The Team recently decided to equip each aircraft with the Garmin GDL 50 Receiver which provides full ADS-B "in" Traffic & Weather, and provides a backup source of attitude reference and GPS position, speed and altitude to the Garmin Pilot App. Nigel Hopkins was the first to install the remote mount unit in his Extra 330SC for the ferry of more than 4,400 miles through Africa. See his feedback to African Pilot Magazine below.

Bose A20 BT Noise Cancelling Headsets

Bose A20 headset provides excellent sound quality, noise reduction and connetion to BT devices for those long ferry flights.

Garmin G3X Touch Display

The G3X Touch Displays enable EMS, EFIS, Terrain and Autopilot functionality for LSA and experimental aircraft.

Garmin GDL 50 Receiver

The GDL 50 Receiver provides ADS-B "in" Traffic & Weather, and GPS attitude, speed & altitude to your Garmin Pilot App.

Absolute Aviation Group

Absolute Aviation Group has evolved from a specialised aviation management and consulting company into a full spectrum aviation group, offering customers unparalleled levels of support and expertise in the form of a bespoke aviation service. As the authorised Sales, Service and Parts Representative for Cessna and Beechcraft in Southern and Central Africa, and the authorised representative and distributor for Blackhawk, BLR and Raisbeck Engineering in Africa, Absolute Aviation is one of the only general aviation businesses able to offer full turnkey aviation service to aviators on the Continent.

Skeerpoort Verspreiders

Skeerpoort is an established non-refining petroleum wholesaler and distributor, licensed under the Petroleum Products Act. Under the guidance and stewardship of founders Tokkie and Marina Botes, Skeerpoort Verspreiders strive to be a trusted, reliable and committed supplier of bulk and aviation fuels and packed lubricants within Southern Africa.

Team Xtreme's Garmin G3X Touch Panel upgrade on the XA41 and MX2

Century Avionics and Garmin teamed up to fit brand-new Garmin G3X touch screen panels to the two aerobatic aircraft flown regularly on the South African and international airshow circuit. Mark Sampson (MS) and Mark Hensman (MH) answer the questions for African Pilot Magazine...

1. Have you ever used any Garmin products in your aircraft before? If yes, which product and why the change?

2. Why did you choose to remove the steam driven gauges and install the Garmin G3X Touch display?

3. Being a high-performance aircraft, does the Garmin G3X Touch meet your expectations and performance requirements?

4. How did you find the operation of the unit itself and did you get the necessary assistance from Century Avionics?

5. How did you find the EIS interface and compatibility to your specific aircraft engine type?

6. Would you suggest installing the Garmin G3X Touch to your peers / colleagues’ friends with LSA / Experimental aircraft? And Why?

7. What extra functions would you like to see added to the Garmin G3X touch system?

8. How did you find the experience, workmanship and after install service with Century Avionics?

Nigel Hopkins fits the Garmin GDL 50 Receiver

Providing an easy-to-use and completely portable aviation datalink, the compact GDL 50 ADS-B receiver lets you access the subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic services only available in the U.S. — all while providing GPS position, speed and altitude information as well as backup attitude reference. The GDL 50is equipped with a dual-channel ADS-B In traffic receiver. There’s no ADS-B Out but the device outputs the ADS-B data via Bluetooth to tablet, smartphone and Garmin portable GPS displays.

The GDL50-series Bluetooth receivers connect with a Garmin Pilot subscription-equipped smartphone or tablet via the Connext tab in the main menu. The GDL receiver can connect to multiple devices/displays at the same time. For example, with the optional power/data interface harness you could hard-wire the GDL to two additional displays, for a total of four when you count the two Bluetooth displays. Maybe you have the GDL connected wirelessly to an iPad and also an iPhone but also want to connect to a hard-wired aera660 or GPS796.

Nigel Hopkins bought a GDL 50 before his trip which was 2,200 nautical miles each way through Africa and he answers a few questions about his experience with this portable unit.

1 – What was the main reason for purchasing the GDL 50?

The Extra 330SC has a very basic instrument layout and I needed a GPS solution with a back-up horizon for safety for our 2200nm ferry up the African west coast. The GDL provides the ideal portable solution.

2 – How well does the GDL 50 and the Garmin Pilot App work together?

Ideal compatibility with IPad mini display and the option of a split screen for map and PFD and IPhone back up use. Very user friendly and easy plan trips.

3 – Any specific problems that occurred on the trip?


4 – What was the result of ADS-In Traffic receiving like?

We used a Cessna Caravan as a "chase plane", the ADS-B display allowed us to "find" the Caravan at times when we were split from the formation. Also used the display to make contact with An SAA aircraft to get weather updates.

5 – How long does the battery last?

Had the GDL powered through the USB socket never used the battery. The manual indicates up to 8 hours though.

6 – Is it user-friendly to use?

Very. The unit self-powers when connected to the main power. The Garmin app is very simple to operate.

7 – Would you recommend the unit to your friends?

Absolutely! It's a perfect portable solution and great value.

For further information please give Century Avionics a call on Tel: +27 11 701 3244 or email them at