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South Africa & International Airshows

The Aerobatic Team's aircraft are based in South Africa and include...

Nigel Hopkins Aircraft
Extra 330LX
Mark Hensman Aircraft

China Airshows

Four XtremeAir XA42 (Sbach) aircraft are permanently based in China. Due to airspace restrictions in China the planes are transported to each event by road in 2 x 40ft containers where they are assembled for the Airshow.

XtremeAir XA42 Cockpit
XtremeAir XA42 China


Airframe is a carbon monocoque construction. The wing is a one piece double box main spar. Ailerons are hinged on 5 points and equipped with spades to reduce control forces and enhance handling. Main gear struts are steel spring type. Tailwheel is linked to the rudder pedals and is lockable.

Wings & tailplane are removable, allowing packing of 2 aircraft per 40 ft container for shipping.

Powerplant: Lycoming AEIO-580 B1A, 6 cylinder piston engine with 235kW / 315HP. Inverted aerobatic oil system. Exhaust system 2 x 3-in-1

Proppellar: MTV-9-B-C/C203-20d 3-blade propeller with 80 inch diameter.

Factory Website:

XA42 Performance Data:

6.0 ft
Engine Power
315 HP
21.6 ft
Max Speed VNE
225 kts
Wing Span
24.6 ft
Stall Speed
53 kts
Wing Area
121.25 sq/ft
Virtical Penetration
3,200 ft
Empty Weight
583 kg
Pilot Weight
130 kg
Gross Weight
999 kg
850 Nm
Wing Loading
Fuel Acro
67 Lt
Roll Rate
450 deg/s
Fuel Wings
200 Lt